Festive Season: Fun Virtual Games for all ages
Festive Season: Fun Virtual Games for all ages
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Who are we?

The Good Time Company has been a provider of Corporate Team Activities since 2009.
From 2014, we took our customer's experience to another level, by digitalising all our activities and delivering them via our App Mobile Adventures.

When the pandemic stuck, in 2020, we were ready! We'd been using this App for  6 years, so we were first in line to offer Virtual Team Activities to companies forced into teleworking.

The vast majority of the participants to our Virtual Teambuildings loved it so much, they asked whether they could play our virtual games with families and friends ... and that's how this shop is born :-)

In a first phase, in December 2021/January 2022, 5 games are made available. We aim to add a new one every month from February 2022. More languages will be available in the coming months as well! Stay tuned :-)

 Have a look at The Good Time Company Corporate Website.