Festive Season: Fun Virtual Games for all ages
Festive Season: Fun Virtual Games for all ages
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If you don't find the answer to your question in the list below, write us at vip@thegoodtimecompany.com.


What do I need to play your games? 

You need a mobile device, either a smartphone or a tablet, connected to 4G or wifi.
On this device, you'll need to download our App "Mobile Adventures", available in the PlayStore (Android) or AppStore (IOS). 


What's the full game delivery process?

  1. Browse through our collections to select a Virtual Game. 
  2. Add the game of your choice to the shopping cart. 
  3. Complete your order by paying online.
  4. Upon reception of your payment, you'll receive a mail containing:
      • instructions to download the App
      • the QR-code to enter the game 
      • explanations on how to play

Should you have more questions, contact us ("Get in Touch" link in the footer).


I want to play with remote friends/family ... is it possible?

Yes, of course!
You need one QR-code for each device that you will use.


  • You and your other half are on holiday, you play together on one smartphone;
  • Your daughter and her kids are at home, they play together on one iPad;
  • Your son is in his student's room on the University Campus, he plays alone on a tablet;

    ==> As you play on 3 different devices, you then need to purchase 3 games, and you'll receive 3 QR-codes (one for each device). The attached game instructions will explain how to play together.

Then join a Zoom call all together to communicate and share good times while you compete :-)


How long after purchase is the game available?

The game is available during 12 months after purchase (24/7 all around the world).
You can play only once.


How long does it take to get ready?

Just the time to:

  • download the App (45 seconds?)
  • scan the QR-code (20 seconds?)
  • grab a nice drink and some pop-corns ... 

And off you go :-)


In which language can I play? 

All the games are available in English, but easy to play even for non-native speakers.
Most of them are also available in French and Dutch. This is always mentioned in the game description. 

Some games can be available in other languages upon request (ao Chinese, German, Indian, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese). Extra cost applied. 

Ask us for the language of your choice: vip@thegoodtimecompany.com.


How many games are available? 

In a first phase, in December 2021/January 2022, 5 games are available. We aim to add a new one every month from February 2022.


How to be kept posted about new games? 

Sign up for our newsletter in the mailfooter. We promise we only send notifications when new games are published! No spam!!


How long does it take to play? 

Between 45' and 2 hours, depending on the games. 
Each game description mentions the estimated duration.


Can I offer one your Virtual Game as a gift? 

Yes, of course, simply forward the QR-code and the game instructions to the person of your choice.

And we are working on gift cards ... stay tuned!!


How many people can play? 

As many as you'd like!
You need one QR-code per device. And we believe 4-5 people can play together on one device.
At the end of the day, it all depends on whether you want to make it a collaborative or competitive playtime :-)


From what age can the kids play? 

We have tested the games with a few kids from 5 years old. 
Although some of them may surprise you with their knowledge, most of them are very happy to click on the buttons of the game screen to confirm the answers. 

For slightly older kids, writing down the answers is a good opportunity to learn how to write without typo's!

From 10 years old, everybody can contribute to solve the challenges.

But for sure, everybody, across all generation, is super excited by the Media Challenges included in our Virtual Games (except Escape Games).

PS: We are working on kids-specific games. Stay tuned!!


Are the games in English easy to play for non-english natives speakers?

Yes, we made sure to use an accessible language. 

Non-native love to polish up their english skills by playing our games.


Are you GDPR compliant? 

Yes, we are: no data is collected by us at the point of downloading the app or loading the game. We only start collecting data at the point when individuals join a game, At that point we collect the following data: device used, device operating system, distance travelled during the game, starting battery life of the device, which tasks your unlocked during the game, % of tasks that you completed correctly, location throughout the game and answers to challenges which includes text responses, photos and videos. We process this data to help us develop, test and improve the systems, services and challenges we provide to you.